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The Dear Abby of business

Steve Cohen

Adjunct Professor Steve Cohen's "The Practical Negotiator" draws from 20+ years as a consultant and advice columnist
September 12, 2013

Call him the Dear Abby of the business world: this month Adjunct Professor Steve Cohen will be publishing "The Practical Negotiator," which draws from hundreds of letters he's received from more than 20 years as a advice columnist on the topic of negotiation.

His book offers a long-time business consultant's take on real-world negotiation situations ranging from buying a house to dealing with the in-laws. "The Practical Negotiator" looks at the key qualities to a good negotiator, outlines the key differences between competitive and collaborative negotiation, and discusses a wide variety of topic dealing with family, neighbors, business, work, marriage and more.

Watch a video trailer for the book below.