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Can Erbil op-ed on Turkey riots

Boston Globe: Prof. Can Erbil’s op-ed on the protests in Turkey

Prof. Can Erbil

July 22, 2013

While overseeing the annual Hassenfeld Fellows Overseas Immersion Program – which gives students a chance to experience the business and economy of a dynamic overseas market – Prof. Erbil and 30 Brandeis International Business School (IBS) students found themselves trapped in their hotel in Taksim Square in the midst of the Istanbul riots. His op-ed, featured in the Boston Globe, compares the experience to the tragic Boston Marathon bombings which occurred only months earlier: “Today, I am crying with Istanbul, like I cried with my other hometown of Boston back in April. But at the same time, more than ever, I am proud of my city. I’m proud of both of them”.

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