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Colin Mew Profile

“In a way, getting an MBA is really no different than being an actor,” Mew wrote in his admissions essay.

Colin Mew

May 1, 2013

Growing up in Central Massachusetts, Colin Mew was always doing theater and music. Even as a Vassar College environmental studies undergrad, he spent his time in the music and drama departments, taking voice lessons and starring in musicals like Stephen Sondheim’s Into the Woods.

And when he graduated? He did what any liberal arts undergrad with a dream would do; he moved to New York City in a “now-or-never” effort to be an actor. He loved it for time and even sang at Carnegie Hall with a choir, but a confluence of issues made the twenty-something re-think his path. Mew now lives in Waltham, attending IBS and applying his thespian chops toward a new career in business.

“In a way, getting an MBA is really no different than being an actor,” Mew wrote in his admissions essay. “It requires effective communication, problem-solving, creativity and collaboration.”

Mew has already discovered this is true. He’s worked on a sustainability impact study for a restaurant chain through the school’s Net Impact club and, in a separate project, helped build a database for a consulting firm focused on sustaining socially conscientious companies. This summer, Mew is lined up to work for a natural gas company in Germany, drawing upon his problem-solving skills and his German, which he learned from previous trips to Austria.

“Creativity plays a role in everything because it’s the only way you can [inspire] innovation, whether it’s technical or just a new way to look at process flow.”

Mew comes with a reservoir of creativity, culled from decades of performing. He admits he thought his lack of quantitative skills in numbers would leave him feeling behind; but he’s found it’s the softer skills, not so easily teachable, that’s put him at an advantage. That - and the New York hustle.

“It does’t fall into your lap,” says Mew. “You have to go get it. That mentality has stayed with me, so I never take things for granted.”

Though Mew leaves his singing for “the shower” for now and plans to join a chorus once he settles down, he’s got a new dream: “To work for a company that has something to do with energy, where I can make a positive impact on the world.”