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September 11 Memorial

Dean's message on September 11

September 11, 2002

On the anniversary of the tragic events of September 11th, Dean Petri recalled the early thoughts that came to his mind last year as he tried to contact Brandeis IBS students and alumni. They still seem relevant today.

"International cooperation is an integral part of my life's work, as it is for many people in our community. The events of September 11 will affect this work profoundly, and in ways we probably can't yet understand. Yet they clearly confirm the importance of what we are committed to--a truly global society that values peace, democracy and economic progress. The attacks focused on the US, but their causes and effects were global. People from 37 countries died in them and many more have died from the repercussions since; the world has become more tense and distrustful.

The thoroughly international (and highly functional!) community of this school exemplifies the tremendous value of bringing diverse people and ideas together. It's our responsibility to not take this environment for granted, and to let everyone who is not lucky enough to be in a place like this know just how interesting, fun, and rewarding it is to live and work with people from every corner of the world."

Peter Petri

(Fortunately, no one from the Brandeis IBS community was killed in the attacks, although several of our alumni had close escapes from the WTC towers.)