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Update to curriculum

Brandeis IBS' curriculum - always evolving, always current

September 12, 2002

Brandeis IBS' curriculum is updated annually to take account of developments in the fast-moving world economy: about one in six courses is new each year. This academic year will see a number of new courses, created to address current issues. 

Courses available this year include:

  • Financial Manias and Panics: analyzes the phenomenon of bubbles in asset markets, including work that draws on the classic analysis of Professor Charles Kindleberger, who at one time taught at Brandeis.
  • The Leadership Experience (Professor Andy Molinsky): examines the stresses and responsibilities of leadership, including special topics that draw on Professor Molinsky's research on "the executioner's song"--that is, how people carry out "necessary evils."
  • Corporations and Communities: will explore the connections of companies with their social and physical environment, with emphasis on how different stake holders affect business decisions.

We have also responded to student requests by creating new courses in economic policy and in the essential practical skills that are the subject of the CFA exam:

  • Public Finance in Developing Countries 
  • Investment Policy in Developing Countries
  • Applied Integrated Financial Analysis 

15% more electives will be offered this year than last, offering the timely and relevant learning options that are characteristic of Brandeis IBS.