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MBA Program expands

MBA program expands sharply, record number of applications to the School

September 23, 2002

The incoming class of Brandeis IBS' MBA program more than doubled this year to 25 new students. Enrollments in the MA also grew, but by a smaller margin. While limited in size, the PhD program increased sharply in selectivity, admitting just 6 percent of its applicants. Overall, applications to all programs increased by 14 percent this year to a new record of 515 applicants.

"We also have a record number of scholarship organization recipients," Geraldine Koch, assistant dean for admissions, reported. "This is the first year the Ford Foundation and the World Bank Scholarship Foundation have sent students to Brandeis IBS. In addition, we've admitted more students than ever before from the Muskie, Ron Brown, and the Fulbright Organizations, signifying that Brandeis IBS s recognized by these organizations as a top business school. Brandeis IBS benefits from having some of the best students from around the world enrolled in our programs.

Dean Petri attributes these gains in part to the School's growing reputation. "We have developed distinctive, high-quality programs focused on global markets," he says, "and the word is getting out that Brandeis offers a special learning environment that's difficulty to match in terms of content, collegiality or diversity."