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Professorship in the Practice of Finance and International Real Estate

IBS Appoints Director for Executive Programs

November 4, 2004

Brandeis IBS has created a Professorship in the Practice of Finance and International Real Estate.

The newly endowed Chair lays the foundation for IBS students to explore a specially defined area of excellence within the School's framework of global business education. One real estate course is already being offered and has drawn an enthusiastic response from IBS students.

The Kazis Chair is not a tenure track position to be filled by a traditional academic. Rather, the Kazis Professor will be a practitioner who infuses the classroom with his real-world knowledge and experience. He will make use of case studies to teach both strategic and tactical decision-making in this rapidly changing field. Real estate professionals from throughout the country will speak to students to provide a wide range of perspectives. Site visits to specific projects - both under construction and completed - will supplement traditional classroom activities. Discussions have begun with a number of real estate professionals, as well as IBS lay leaders, to further shape the scope and content of this initiative.

The first Kazis Professor will be appointed in the coming academic year.