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"American Firms' Suicidal Outsourcing"

The Perils of Outsourcing

"American Firms' Suicidal Outsourcing"
December 13, 2005

International Business School Professor, Shih-Fen Chen, has sounded a note of warning to US industry in his recent op ed piece "American firms' suicidal outsourcing", which has been widely reprinted and commented on in the press around the world.

In the article he cautions that the transfer of advanced technologies that often accompanies outsourcing threatens to erode US technological leadership. A symptom of this phenomenon is the recent sale of divisions of US companies to their subcontractors - and the increasing ability of subcontractors to compete in the market on their own terms.

Originally published in the Providence Journal Professor Chen's article has been reproduced or summarized in newspapers, blogs and news websites in the United States and worldwide including: