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Which MBA Online Ranking

Which MBA Online Ranking

Brandeis International Business School in Distinguished Company
October 13, 2006

Brandeis IBS has broken into the Economist Intelligence Unit's Which MBA Online ranking of the world's top 100 full-time MBA programs for the first time. The survey, the results of which were announced on Thursday, October 12th, ranks IBS among the leading 50 US schools. Brandeis joins five other New England schools (Dartmouth, Harvard, MIT, Yale, and Hult) in the top hundred.

The ranking clearly demonstrates that the International Business School has made swift progress since its founding twelve years ago in building a business education that can be compared with the best in the world.

With a curriculum focused on the global economy and a community drawn from over 60 countries worldwide, the School offers outstanding opportunities for students to develop a career in the arena of international business.

The Economist Intelligence Unit's Which MBA Online survey, which is based on feedback from close to 20,000 MBA students and graduates as well as data provided by schools, takes as its criteria four key reasons for doing an MBA:

  • opening new career opportunities and/or further career experience;
  • personal development and educational experience;
  • increasing one's salary; and
  • the potential for networking.

The EIU ranks full-time MBA programmes on their ability to deliver these elements to students. It weights each element according to the average importance given to it by students surveyed over the past five years.