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Commencement 2008

Commencement Ceremony 2008

May 19, 2008

In the main address at Brandeis International Business School's 14th commencement, Arthur Goldstein, Chairman and CEO Emeritus of Ionics, suggested to 192 graduates that they are "in a superb position to build the bridge to a socially responsible future and to act with a global business perspective."

"Wherever you career takes you, you will...bring with you a special sensitivity to the serious and complex social and environmental challenges that businesses and society face as the world moves forward in the 21st century," said Goldstein. "By bringing business discipline to create plans, budgets and cash flow, and by encouraging creativity and entrepreneurship, the opportunity to make this planet more green and organizations more efficient and socially responsible will be dramatically enhanced.

Goldstein is the retired Chairman, President, and Chief Executive Officer of Ionics, Incorporated, a world-renowned business and technology pioneer in the field of water purification. During his 32 years as CEO, he led Ionics in its growth from a small R&D company to its position as the world leader in water desalination, purification and supply with over 4,000 installations in 62 countries and 3,000 employees.

In his greeting, Dean Bruce Magid shared that the graduates "...experienced first hand, the level of cooperation, motivation and innovation that will be required to manage and succeed in our increasingly interconnected world."

He reminded those in attendance that they must move beyond application of the business skills they honed while at IBS and to think more broadly. "You now possess an impressive array of financial, economic and management skills. However, just as relevant, you also have a profound sense of the importance of thinking and acting as community leaders and global citizens," he said.

Student speaker Keti Sekuj, BA, MA '08 reflected on the unique community that IBS creates "...where all of our experiences, journeys, and emotions are important; and for this we are appreciative." She continued, "In this sense, Brandeis is a small reflection of America - a true a melting pot. This is the place where you can be yourself and thrive. Brandeis encourages our different cultures with an unparalleled curiosity."