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Corporate Social Responsibility Panel

Corporate Social Responsibility Panel Confronts Transparency Issues In The Workforce

September 15, 2008

CEOs and professionals from the non-profit, corporate, and academia sectors joined students, faculty and staff at Brandeis International Business School (IBS) on Thursday, September 17 for an executive workshop and panel discussion on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). The event was the first in a series of programs in support of the recent introduction of the new MBA concentration in socially responsible business.

The executive workshop included presentations by Steve Young, Senior Vice President for Consumer Banking at Wainwright Bank; Brooke Barton, Manager of Corporate Accountability Programs at Ceres; and Duncan White, Associate Principal at Arup. Panelists for the discussion included Michael Appell, Brandeis IBS Adjunct Professor; Jeremy Liu, Executive Director at the Asian Community Development Corporation; Mil Niepold, Senior Policy Advisor at Verité; and Richard Pearl, Corporate Social Responsibility Officer at State Street.

Engaging presentations and discussions focused around transparency in the workplace, weighing the benefits and the disadvantages in various situations. The questions most frequently asked were, "What are the risks and opportunities?" and "Does it depend on the business you're in?" These questions provided the audience with a chance to get involved and voice their opinions.

"Brandeis International Business School, TiE Boston and Executive Minds for Social Innovation came together to host a great event where attendance was truly diverse across sectors, capabilities and nations," said Preeta Banerjee, PhD and Assistant Professor of Strategy at IBS, who was in charge of coordinating the event.

The evening could not be completed without mentioning the ever-growing financial crisis that is on everyone's mind. "This [financial breakdown] has rocketed everyone's attention to the issues," said Mil Niepold, mentioning that corporate social responsibility may have an effect on this situation.