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2008 Orientation

Summer Institute Successfully Prepares New Brandeis IBS Students

September 1, 2008

Brandeis International Business School (IBS) launched a new program this summer designed to help their international students get acclimated to IBS, Brandeis University, and the United States. The new initiative, called the Summer Institute, was a resounding success. Twenty international students joined IBS faculty and staff in the week-long program. 

The Summer Institute introduced the students to cultural and educational differences that they might encounter here and explored different strategies for overcoming them.

The students came from all over the world, including Afghanistan, Bulgaria, China, Honduras, India, Mexico, South Korea, Tanzania, Turkey and Ukraine,

"Our goal was to make sure our international students were provided the opportunity to hit the ground running once they arrived," said Christopher Johnson, Assistant Director for Administration & Student Services. He believes that the program helped the participants bond together as a group and assisted them in their transition to life in the U.S.

Students experienced a variety of activities provided throughout the week, including seminars on living in the U.S., cultural workshops like "Thriving in America: Adjusting to fast speech, strange food, and odd customs", presentations on public speaking, social outings to Boston and much more.

Asadullah Pasoon MBA '10 and a Fulbright Scholar from Afghanistan knew immediately he wanted to attend the Summer Institute when he was invited. Coming from a different cultural background, he wanted to make sure he was well prepared and not shocked at how different life and classes would be once he arrived.

"This gives me an advantage over other students," he said, noticing clear differences in class between those that went and those that did not. "We practiced real class sessions. I'm more at ease in class."