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CBS executive speaks at IBS

CBS Executive Brings Humor While Inspiring IBS Students

November 20, 2009

Gil Schwartz '73, Executive Vice President and Chief Communications Officer for CBS Corporation and best-selling author addressed issues that will arise for Brandeis International Business School (IBS) students once they enter into a business career during a recent lecture on campus. Schwartz was one of a series of speakers this fall sharing insights under the auspices of the Asper Center for Global Entrepreneurship.

Schwartz's satirical view on how to survive in the business world came from a combination of his undergraduate acting work as well as observing the corporate culture around him. However, his biggest piece of advice to the IBS students came from his previous background as an actor. "Always start with your costume if you want to be taken seriously," he explained.

In his usual witty fashion, he offered antidotes of his time spent working up the corporate ladder, where he spent 25 years writing under the pseudonym of Stanley Bing, taking advantage of being anonymous.

In addition to still writing under the pen name of Stanley Bing, Schwartz is the chief spokesperson for the CBS Corporation and leads a large department that incorporates public relations, media relations and corporate and internal communications functions for all divisions of the company.