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Students Sit In On Accenture Institute Sessions

Educating leaders for global high performance

November 6, 2009

Five students from Brandeis IBS visited the Accenture Institute for High Performance, joining a group from the Gordon Institute of Business Studies in Pretoria, South Africa, who were on a study tour to the US.  The visit, held under the auspices of the Perlmutter Institute for Global Business Leadership at Brandeis and led by Dean Magid, gave students valuable insights into the work of Accenture’s global research arm on what it takes to elevate a company to higher levels of achievement.   

The group was particularly privileged to hear from Accenture CEO, Bill Green, who stressed the importance of education for competitiveness in a multi-polar world where economic power was rapidly shifting.  Companies needed to leverage education worldwide to create both global efficiency and local responsiveness. 

Host of the sessions at Accenture was Bob Thomas, Executive Director of the Institute for High Performance,  who will join the faculty of the International Business School to teach a course next spring under the Perlmutter Institute.  Thomas, author of Crucibles of Leadership: How to Learn from Experience to Be a Great Leader, said that the development of leaders was not simply about addressing their external training requirements; there was also a need to recognize and feed their inner aspirations.  This was a lesson Accenture applied to its own business, as well as to its clients. 

Other executives from Accenture spoke on the Institute's research – being conducted in numerous locations around the globe – into the building blocks of high performance and the business models that are most successful in achieving and sustaining these.  An overarching theme of the meeting was that talent and innovation can be sourced from anywhere in the world – the challenge is in developing and managing it. 

The Accenture Institute for High Performance develops and publishes practical insights into critical management issues and global economic trends. Its worldwide team of researchers connects with Accenture’s consulting, technology and outsourcing leaders to demonstrate how organizations become and remain high performers through original, rigorous research and analysis.  

The Perlmutter Institute for Global Business Leadership established in 2008 through a generous gift from Trustee Louis '56 and Barbara Perlmutter, prepares students at the Brandeis International Business School for leadership positions in the global corporation of the future through a combination of theoretical and technical knowledge and pragmatic skills.