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Roger Berkowitz Provides Guidance

President of Legal Sea Foods Addresses IBS Students

Roger Berkowitz
January 22, 2009

Students and staff gathered at Brandeis International Business School (IBS) recently to hear Roger Berkowitz, President of Legal Sea Foods, share his insight on how to operate a socially responsible company. His lecture, part of the Annual Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Forum at IBS, addressed the challenges of growing a fourth-generation company within the context of globalization, corporate environmentalism, sustainability and consumer activism.

Berkowitz began by providing background on how Legal Sea Foods has evolved over the past 100 years to become the company that it is today. “All of the sudden, we found ourselves in the restaurant business,” said Berkowitz, regarding how Legal’s began as a grocery store, but changed with the times and people’s needs to become a fish market and ultimately a fine dining restaurant with over 30 locations nationwide.

As a family-owned business, Legal Sea Foods has kept the tradition of having strong values and ethics permeate throughout the company. Legal’s started an innovative ethics program to instill key corporate values to all their employees. “We need to walk the talk all the time,” said Berkowitz, who underscored the need for constant reinforcement of the culture of the company.

Berkowitz shared valuable advice on how to run a successful company by continually investing in the future, looking long term, and anticipating what customers are going to want. “If you have a formula that works but you don’t evolve it, it dies off,” he said.