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Global Directions Program Orientation 2009

First-Years Get a Head Start at Global Directions Program

August 24, 2009

The Global Directions Program (GDP), a revised version of last year’s Summer Institute, was a two and a half day program designed for incoming students to assist their transition into academic life in the U.S. Thirty-three students from 13 countries attended this program, which was held before Orientation from August 19-21 at Brandeis International Business School.

Students at the Global Directions Program

Students came from all over the world, including China, India, Israel, Japan, Korea, Malawi, Russia, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, and the United States.

The students experienced a variety of seminars and workshops during the program. They learned about American culture in the classroom and in the business world, and practiced their presentation and networking skills with the help of IBS faculty.

“This year we decided to take the best elements of the Summer Institute to create a shorter, more affordable workshop designed to ease first-year students into life in the United States. Compared to last year, twice as many students participated, of which 3 were Americans,” said Viola Morse, Program Manager for Administration & Student Services. She believes that by having American students participate in the classroom, the international students were able to better understand the interactive classroom culture in the U.S. which is generally much different from the classroom cultures of other countries.

Yoni (Johnatan) Balan, an MBA participant of the program remarks, “I was interested in attending the GDP program because I wanted to have a ‘safe’ landing to the new environment I was about to embark. I had great desire to know how lectures are conducted in US classrooms, and how I could effectively participate in them. The program also enabled me to create strong personal connections – both with the students and the faculty at IBS. The most important thing I got out of the program was a feeling of strong assurance that I had made the right decision to come to IBS for my graduate studies. The learning environment at IBS is a crucial part of my process to achieve my goals.”