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Petri Fellows 2009

Celebrating our 2009 Peter Petri Global Fellows

June 17, 2009

We established the Peter Petri Global Fellowship in 2006 to honor our founding dean. Peter Petri was a true ‘academic entrepreneur’ who created a standard for global excellence that serves as an inspiration for all of our students and alumni. As our 2009 Petri Fellows complete their first year of study at Brandeis IBS, we want to celebrate their success with you.

Peter Petri, Founding Dean of IBS and his wife, Jean Lawrence, surrounded by the 2009 Petri Fellows.
(From left to right) Pavel Lalev MA ’10; Mark Haley MA ’09, 2008 Fellow; Jean; Peter; Jody James MBA ’10; Angelique Ahmed MA ’10; Michael M. Appell MA ’79, Executive Director of Development and External Affairs

Three appointments are made each year from among our best students. Those selected are chosen based on demanding criteria which go far beyond academic excellence to include leadership potential and strength of character. The fellowship seeks to identify candidates who are likely to have their lives changed by their Brandeis IBS education. In keeping with the global nature of the school and the fellowship, the winners represent three different continents. 

This year’s recipients of the Peter Petri Global Fellowship are:
Angelique Ahmed MA ’10, Jody James MBA ’10 and Pavel Lalev MA ’10.

The stories of these remarkable individuals may be found below. Please join me in congratulating them on their appointments. I would also like to acknowledge the leadership of Overseers Ronald M. Ansin and Amy Kessler ’89, MA ’90 in establishing this fellowship, as well as the generous support from hundreds of friends and alumni.

Angelique Ahmed MA ’10 

Ms. Ahmed is originally from Dhara, Bangladesh, where she was raised in a multi-cultural household, and as a child spoke Bengali, Hindi, Urdu, and English. Later in life she began to study Arabic. Angelique came to the United States to study economics at Bard College. There, she often worked as a peer tutor, and contributed to the college community through her membership with the International Student Organization and as a technician for the Bard Emergency Medical Services. Over the years she has volunteered with various organizations in Bangladesh, primarily working with the poor to help relieve their economic and health conditions. In addition to her substantial contributions to the community, Angelique also self-financed her education. While she received notable scholarship support, she still managed to work countless hours to cover the balance of her tuition and living expenses. Angelique wanted to continue her studies at the graduate level to better understand developing countries and their impact on the global economy.

Jody James MBA ’10  

Mr. James completed his B.A. in History from LeMoyne College and went on to spend some time teaching in New York. Later, he began a career with the Aon Corporation, and then took a position with Prudential Life Insurance. Jody made a transition to the banking industry when he worked with Citizens Bank and as a financial advisor with Ameriprise. A tireless worker, his supervisors shared that seventy-hour work weeks were not uncommon for him. What is so striking about Jody as that he is exceptionally dedicated to his home of Maine. Over the years he has been concerned that the state has needed to diversify and expand its economy. His love for Maine has led him to feel responsible for this and ultimately led him to apply to Brandeis IBS. Jody is a notable addition to our classrooms as the first Native American to join our community. Motivated by his participation in the "Corporations and Communities" class, he is in the process of starting up an alternative energy non-profit. Jody has also assisted the Alzheimer's Association by organizing fund raisers and he has helped several political campaigns in New England.

Pavel Lalev MA ’10  

Mr. Lalev is originally from Bulgaria, and received his bachelor’s degree from the University of Economics in Varna, Bulgaria. In addition to his native language, he speaks Russian, German, and, of course, English. Following his graduation, Pavel moved to the United States and completed a marketing internship with HomeCare. Later, he obtained a full time position with Nickerson Service Center in Braintree and within one month of beginning work, his supervisor recognized his talents and quickly promoted him to a management position. At that time, Pavel was also completing coursework at Quincy College and Northeastern University with excellent grades. Now in his first year of the master’s program in International Economics and Finance, Pavel brings passion and creativity to his studies. His professors point out that he is a great addition to the classroom and is eager to speak out with ideas while always remaining respectful of the thoughts of others.