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USAID Women Leadership Program Scholars

Brandeis IBS Hosts USAID Women Leadership Program Scholars

September 25, 2009

The US Agency for International Development (USAID) has chosen Brandeis IBS as a host institution for an important initiative created to assist economic growth in developing countries. The Women’s Leadership Training in Economics (WLTIE) Program funds graduate school education of women scholars from parts of the world where economic policymaking is primarily dominated by men. 


IBS Dean Bruce Magid speaks with USAID Scholars (from left to right) Hoa Le Thi Phuong MA ’11, (Vietnam), Helena C. Cardenas Diaz ’11 (Ecuador), Teresa Nainde Evaristo, MA ’11 (Angola), Maria Gabriela Flores, MA’11 (Ecuador).

Brandeis IBS received four of twenty students, the highest number of students placed in this program.

“I am delighted that we were selected as a host,” remarked Bruce Magid, dean of Brandeis International Business School. “We are strong supporters of programs that assist women in emerging markets to assume leadership positions in economic and social development.”

Upon completing their education in the U.S., these women would be able to return to their countries and become successful leaders in economic development. USAID believes that women participation in economic growth activities in these countries is essential for effective economic policymaking. 

The first-year USAID scholars at IBS are Master of Arts candidates from the class of 2011: Teresa Nainde Evaristo (Angola), Helena C. Cardenas Diaz (Ecuador), Maria Gabriela Flores (Ecuador), and Hoa Le Thi Phuong (Vietnam). Other participants come from Guinea, Nepal, Pakistan, Sierra Leone, and Tanzania.

“I am very happy to be here to studying in the MA program, given its outstanding reputation,” saidHoa Le Thi Phuong a MA ’11, from Vietnam.  The knowledge I will gain at Brandeis will be invaluable as I take part in advancing reforms at Vietnam’s Central Bank.”

Aside from graduate school education, the WLTIE Program will provide other professional development opportunities for its scholars. The women will take part in internships, professional economic associations and learning events, and a mentorship program to guide them through their career and their learning experience in the United States.