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Lopez Joins Faculty

International Trade Scholar joins Brandeis IBS Faculty

November 29, 2010

Ricardo A. López, a scholar of international trade and economic development, has joined the faculty of Brandeis International Business School as Assistant Professor of Economics.
López, whose scholarship centers on the role of international trade as a source of economic growth in emerging markets, joins IBS from the Department of Economics at Indiana University. A native of Chile, López spent four years working for the Chilean government where he was an economic adviser to the Minister of Economy.
“It’s very exciting to be here at such a globally focused institution,” said Professor López. “Brandeis is very international and IBS, in particular, has students from more than 70 countries, and professors who’ve worked at companies and universities all over the globe. The world is becoming more global by the minute, and I believe that academic institutions have an obligation to equip students with the tools and knowledge and technical skills to adapt to this global environment. I admire the fact that this is an explicit goal of Brandeis IBS: the faculty here understand the opportunities and challenges that globalization presents and make it their mission to impart those on students.”

This academic year at Brandeis, López is teaching Business in the Global Economy, an undergraduate course that examines how firms in international markets behave and what they do to remain competitive. He is also teaching a graduate-level course entitled International Trade Policy and Institutions, which looks at how commercial policies, including tariffs, non-tariff barriers and free trade agreements, affect people and the economy.

“Brandeis is a liberal arts college within a research university and so professors here take teaching very seriously,” he said. “They want to engage with the students, to advise them, and to mentor them. It’s a been a part of my job that I enjoy, and I am looking forward to sharing ideas with students at IBS.”

The author of over a dozen of articles, López is best known for his work on international trade and economic growth in Latin America. Some of his recent publications include: “Imports of Intermediate Inputs and Spillover Effects: Evidence from Chilean Plants,” Journal of Development Studies (2010); “Do Firms Increase Productivity in Order to Become Exporters?” Oxford Bulletin of Economics and Statistics (2009); and “Skill Upgrading and the Real Exchange Rate,” The World Economy (2009).

López served as Assistant Professor in the Department of Economics at Indiana University, Bloomington from 2003-2010. Before that, he was a Teaching Fellow and Research Assistant at the University of California, Los Angeles, where he received his PhD in Economics. He also has a Master’s Degree in Economics from UCLA, and a Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Chile. He is a member of the American Economic Association.