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Magid at student forum

Massachusetts must leverage its higher education advantage for international business, says Dean Magid at student forum

April 1, 2011

In the second annual Dean's Forum, Brandeis International Business School Dean Bruce Magid shared his insights into the changing dynamics of the global economy. This year's interactive session focused on investment, job creation and partnerships in innovation-based economies.
Magid also relayed his observations as a member of Governor Deval Patrick's recent trade delegation to Israel and the United Kingdom. "The purpose of the trade mission was for Massachusetts to compete for direct foreign investment, help our companies export more, and promote cross-border partnerships and alliances," he commented. "The way we're going to do this is by focusing on technology and innovation and spurring entrepreneurship."

Before exploring the trade mission, Magid first provided his review of the global economy and implications of the shifting landscape on the United States. He suggested that the U.S. should re-think how it can compete in a global economy given the rapidly changing economic order. A blueprint for economic advancement, as Magid claims, is to follow the 5 E's of excellence: energy, exports, education, environment, and entrepreneurship.

Magid has shared his service with Massachusetts International Trade Office (MITO) which aims to develop an international strategy for expanding the Massachusetts economy and its global presence. "Massachusetts's competitive advantage is to link higher education with innovative, cutting edge industries to create an entrepreneurial environment," he said.

Brandeis University was one of two academic institutions selected to represent higher education on Governor Patrick's trade delegation to Israel and the UK. Magid's primary role in the trade mission was to serve on panels exploring opportunities in clean technology and information technology as well as to provide counsel to senior Massachusetts officials. Magid also established alliances with overseas universities and extended relationships with the business delegation for future jobs and internships.

Student panelists included Avidor Baruch MBA '12, Myra Chaudhary BA/MA'11, Ilan Dee MBA '12, Yaniv Jember MA '12 and Neha Shrestha MA '12. They along with the audience participated in an active question and answer discussion that uncovered a wide variety of related issues, one of which stressed how the trade mission positively influenced Brandeis International Business School. According to Magid, the trip increased the school's visibility in both Israel and the UK, and raised the school's credibility and access to a wide range of people.