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Perlmutter Leadership Workshop

Dean Bruce Magid presents the "10 C's of Leadership" in Perlmutter Institute leadership workshop

By Wei-Huan Chin
February 11, 2011

10 C’s of Leadership

"The Dean's speech left me thinking: What opportunities can I seize and where will they lead me?" —Thomas Weaver MA '12, workshop participant
  1. Show Commitment to the company mission
  2. Establish a Creative Culture of achievement
  3. Create an environment whereCollaborative Leadership can flourish
  4. Promote Collegiality
  5. Communicate effectively
  6. Maintain a Consultative Approach which builds a "can do" atmosphere
  7. Exude Confidence
  8. Uphold a Character of integrity
  9. Cultivate a Comprehensive perspective
  10. Show Caring for your company and your people

Showing commitment to the company mission, promoting collegiality, and establishing a corporate culture of achievement are among Brandeis International Business School Dean Bruce Magid’s 10 “C’s” of leadership, presented during his keynote speech for a leadership workshop held under the auspices of the Perlmutter Institute for Global Business Leadership. Dean Magid spoke to the 18 students participating in the workshop, urging them to incorporate these qualities as they became leaders across the world.

“The Perlmutter Institute for Global Business Leadership is an integral element of the educational experience at the school. Its mission is to prepare our students as leaders in tomorrow's economy. I felt it was important to share my perspectives on leadership, having served senior positions in business, government and education throughout my career,” Dean Magid said.

The two-day workshop was built and organized by Geri Brehm, Associate Director of Career Advising, with assistance from Alessandra Rober Christensen, Senior Department Coordinator for Career Services. “Our primary objective was to identify each student’s strengths and gaps," said Brehm. "Then, we gave them exercises to strengthen their leadership skills. We presented a range of scenarios, from managing a team in crisis, to supporting and encouraging great team performance."


Thomas Weaver MA ’12 (left) found the Dean’s words especially inspiring, and plans to apply these leadership qualities to his studies at the school and in his position as the Co-President of the Global Markets Investment Club (GMIC). "His speech left me thinking: What opportunities can I seize and where will they lead me?” he said, noting Magid’s emphasis on communicating effectively and exuding confidence in any situation.