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World Ready Alumni Featured in the News and Media

Leonard Asper

May 16, 2016

Alumnus Len Asper '86 to Speak at 2016 Diploma Ceremony

Asper to receive Dean's Medal, share remarks with Brandeis International Business School (IBS) graduates

Asper is the current president and CEO of Anthem Sports and Entertainment Corporation, a member of the business school's Board of Overseers and founder of the Asper Center for Global Entrepreneurship.

Tiwonge Ghambi, MBA '11

May 4, 2016

#WorldReadyAlumni - Q&A with Tiwonge Ghambi, MBA '11

Alumna combines passion for helping people with skills in finance

University namesake Justice Louis Brandeis advocated for people to do well in business by doing good for society, a concept that Tiwonge Ghambi, MBA ’11, takes to heart. She currently works at Open Society Foundations, where she merges skills with passion to make the world a better place.

Werner de Merode, MBA '10

April 18, 2016

#WorldReadyAlumni - Q&A with Werner de Merode, MBA '10

"If you build the right career relationships along the way, you don't need to worry about planning too far into the future."

Werner de Merode spent his childhood making the world his home. After attending Brandeis IBS' MBA program to enhance his quantitative skills, he held finance positions at Staples for six years. He recently began a new role at McKinsey & Company, where he'll be working on strategic planning and analysis.

Nils Teissier du Cros, MBA '11

April 1, 2016

#WorldReadyAlumni - Q&A with Nils Teissier du Cros

MBA Alumnus Part of Kuvee "Smart Bottle" Launch Team

"Making a move into the startup world is a great learning experience in an incredibly rewarding industry."

Tim Neunzig, MA '11

March 22, 2016

World Ready Alumni - Q&A with Tim Neunzig, MA '10

"Be true to your authentic self. Know your strengths and what you are truly about." The Facebook employee reflects on his time at Brandeis IBS and shares advice from the field.

Emily Rumanek, MA '07, MBA '09

March 7, 2016

#WorldReadyWomen - Q&A with Emily Rumanek, MA '07, MBA '09

"Success is when I am happy and proud of what I’m doing. Titles don’t matter. What you’re doing and how much you’re learning from it does."

Pia Layon, MBA '10

March 7, 2016

#WorldReadyWomen - Q&A with Pia Layon, MBA '10

"I don’t accept that my race or gender is a hurdle. Those are my strengths – they are my ability to see things a different way."

Satyam Panday

February 12, 2016

World Ready Research - Q&A with Satyam Panday, PhD '13

"Don't be afraid to take on projects that are out of your comfort zone - these provide the most valuable learning experiences."

Eugene Kiselev, PhD '13

January 20, 2016

World Ready Research- Q&A with PhD Alumnus Eugene Kiselev

Find a job that you genuinely like, and don't be scared of the adjustment period, says Kiselev. "You were hired because of your abilities and confidence. You'll pick things up quickly."

Alexei Ponomarov, MBA '12

January 8, 2016

World Ready Alumni - Q&A with Alexei Ponomarov, MBA '12

"It's critical to adapt to new environments. I recommend finding a balance between school, professional, and personal life, and exercising a lot of patience."

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Kim Myers, MA '13

October 2, 2015

#WorldReadyWomen - Q&A with Kim Myers, MA '13

"When an opportunity presents itself, take it. The worst that will happen is that you make a mistake. But you will learn from that mistake and be stronger because of it."

Nisha Sheth, MA '00

September 29, 2015

#WorldReadyWomen - Q&A with Nisha Sheth, MA '00

"Be open to different experiences. Don't be shy about taking risks. When you're uncomfortable, that's when you grow the most."

Vera Bondarenko, MBA ;09

September 28, 2015

#WorldReadyWomen - Q&A with Vera Bondarenko, MBA '09

"My advice to women is to be assertive in your knowledge and skills. When others see you can deliver results, gender becomes irrelevant."

Longwood Medical Center (Courtesy The Real Reporter)

July 27, 2015

JLL/Brandeis: Healthcare Buys into Retail

by Joe Clements | The Real Reporter (subscription required, p.10)

A new JLL/Brandeis International Business School report studying healthcare reform’s impact on the Massachusetts real estate realm is discussed in The Real Reporter.

February 13, 2014

Brandeis IBS honors State Street CEO Jay Hooley for Excellence in Global Business Leadership

Jay Hooley, State Street CEO, received an award for global business leadership from Brandeis IBS.

weaver 2.1

December 4, 2013

Innovative Investing

By Tate Herbert '15 and Adam Rabinowitz '14

Steve Cohen

September 12, 2013

The Dear Abby of business

Adjunct Professor Steve Cohen's "The Practical Negotiator" draws from 20+ years as a consultant and advice columnist