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Lara Loewenstein

Lara Loewenstein, PhD Candidate at Brandeis IBS

CV & Website

Fields of Expertise: Applied Microeconomics, Housing Markets, and Empirical Industrial Organization

Dissertation Title: "Consumption of Housing During the 2000s Boom: Evidence and Theory"

Advisors: Kathryn Graddy, Blake LeBaron, Paul Willen

Raffi E. Garcia


CV & Website

Fields of Expertise: Empirical Industrial Organization, Finance, and Personnel Economics

Dissertation Title:  “The Effects of Equal Pay Legislation, Market Entry Costs, and Subsidies on Labor Structure, Gender Composition and Plant Productivity”

Advisors: Ricardo Lopez (chair), Elizabeth Brainerd, Debarshi K. Nandy

Patrick Herb

patrick-herb-phdCV & Website

Fields of Expertise: Finance, Macroeconomics

Dissertation Title: "Why They Buy: Primary Market Demand for U.S. Treasury Securities"

Advisors: Blake LeBaron, Stephen Cecchetti, George Hall

Yubing Cui



Fields of Expertise: Housing, Consumption, Discrete Choice Theory

Dissertation Title: "Discrete Housing Choices, Discontinuous Asset Allocations and Consumption"

Advisors: Kathryn Graddy, George Hall, Daniel Tortorice