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Jeremy Kronick
Website and CV

Jeremy KronickFields: Primary: Macroeconomics, Monetary Policy, International Development. Secondary: Applied Econometrics, International Trade, Macroprudential Regulation.

Dissertation: "International Monetary Policy Transmission, Macroprudential Regulation, and the Real Economies of Developed and Developing Countries"

References: Catherine Mann (Dissertation Chair), George Hall, Judith Dean, Davide Pettenuzzo

Patricia Loh
Website  and  CV

Patricia Loh

Fields: Macroeconomics, International Trade, Statistics, Microeconomics, Economics of Development, Economic Growth, Trade, Demographics, Immigration, Labor Studies

Dissertation: "The Role of Immigrants in the Economic Development of the United States”

References: Judith Dean (Dissertation Chair), Gary Jefferson, Peter Petri.

Jing Ren
Website  and  CV

Jing Ren, PhD '14

Fields: Primary: Financial Risk Management, Asset Pricing, Systemic Risk and Network Analysis. Secondary: Banking, Macroeconomics

Dissertation: "Interconnectedness and Systemic Risk in the Banking System"

References: Blake LeBaron (Dissertation Chair), Debarshi K Nandy, Elif Sisli Ciamarra

Henok Tewolde
Website and CV

Henok TewoldeFields: Financial Economics, Financial Markets and Institutions, Macroeconomics and Monetary Policy, Applied Econometrics, Time-series Econometrics, Financial and Economic Forecasting, Portfolio and Risk Management

Dissertation: "Essays on Banking, Finance and Macroeconomics"

References: Catherine L. Mann (Dissertation Chair), Blake LeBaron, Carol Osler, Dan Tortorice

Ly Tran
Website and CV

Ly TranFields: Market Microstructure, Currency Trading, Asset Pricing, Game Theory

Dissertation: "Information and Liquidity in the Aggregated Foreign-Exchange Limit-Order Book"

References: Carol Osler, Blake LeBaron, Robert Reitano, Jens Hilscher