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Learn More About Our World Ready Students and Graduates

World Ready means...

Students and alumni participate in mock interviews

Graduates from Brandeis International Business School (IBS) leave campus World Ready for the challenges that face companies and organizations around the globe.

  • World Ready Means Academic Rigor — Students are challenged intellectually by the prestigious and accomplished faculty of one of the world’s top research universities.
  • World Ready Means Hard Data — Students’ experiences with sophisticated global financial models and advanced analytical tools mean that they are ready to add value to your company on day one.
  • World Ready Means Collaboration — In today’s business world, collaboration produces big payoffs, and employers place a high value on our graduates’ abilities to lead diverse teams toward identified goals.  
  • World Ready Means Thought and Action — A powerful combination of business theory and hands-on practice teaches students to translate insightful thought into meaningful action.

Alumni from Brandeis IBS join organizations and companies across continents and cultures, adding immediate value with their robust mix of skills in finance, economics, management, and international business. Learn more about some of the employers who have hired Brandeis IBS students and about some of our notable alumni.