Hi everyone. It's Meghna again. And in this video I'm going to be talking about on campus jobs. So I myself actually work two on campus jobs. One of my jobs is working as an admission ambassadors making these videos and my other job is working as a research assistant to the dean of our other school, the Heller School of Social Policy and Management. So there's a bunch of different types of jobs that you might be able to work while you're working as a full time student or a part time student. And you can find these listed on a portal called Workday, what you log into with your Brandeis UNET. And so some different types of jobs that you might be able to do is working as a research assistant,like I do. Another popular job is working as a teaching assistant or a TA And one thing to note about working as a TA is that you can't do it your first semester, you have to be able to take the class that you're going to be a teaching assistant for. And so actually one of my other coworkers, another student ambassador Tita made a nice blog about working as a teaching assistant should you be interested. So check out our student insights page to find out about this blog. Another one of our jobs that are fairly popular is working for one of our offices so you can work in the Admissions department. Another place that's common is the Career Strategies and Engagement center. And so should you decide to work an on campus job, you might be wondering, will I be able to balance this with my school world? I'd say I probably work between 10-15 hours a week on top of being a full time student. So it's definitely manageable if you have those time management skills and make sure you're organized. A final thing that I'll note is that you still have to apply for these jobs. There is an application process and an interview process. You're not guaranteed an on campus job, but it's definitely something I recommend if you do have those time management skills and it's something that you're interested in. So I wish you best of luck if you do decide to apply for an on campus job and I hope you enjoy your time at Brandeis.