Hi, I'm Iris. I'm a second year master's student in business analytics. I'm from Beijing, China, and I got my undergraduate degree at Rensselaer Polytech. I was dual majoring in business management and design. I worked with Anthem Sports and Entertainment for a field project this summer. It's a forecasting and production company that owns a series of media brands across platforms. And our responsibility was to first identify all the data fields that we will be tracking and then go to read the documentations and code and extract data and transform in CSV format. And with the data we designed data visualization dashboards in Tableau, and it's really several times according to a manager's request. Personally, the most challenging part is that we need to learn how to code using API from scratch, and this is the field I've never laid my hands on before. So I read tons of documentations did a lot of research on Google and also kept asking my computer science friend and our advisor for help. Fortunately, everyone was super supportive and responsive, and with their help, I figured out how to do it just in time and for the most satisfying part that I enjoyed since we chose Tableau as our visualization tool, I finally got a chance to utilize all the skills I've learned in class on a real word case. And also because our manager basically just gave us a concept about what he wanted to get out of the report. So we had a very high degree of freedom when it comes to the dashboard design. Though I encountered  some problems in the process, it was very satisfying when I found ways to solve them. No need to mention when the manager said that he liked the report. So that basically sums of my field project experience. And I think what I've learned from it will definitely help with my future career.