Selim Blliku MBA'21Hi everyone, This is Selim. I'm a second year MBA student at Brandeis International Business School. I've been here for quite a while right now. I wanted to show you guys around. As you see I've chosen a good spot of Waltham which is where Brandeis is located. That one in the background is the Brandeis campus as you can see. Some other day we might show you the campus. Today I want to show you a bit more about what is for you to do around, okay? Personally what I like it's this area right here. This is the famous Moody Street in Waltham. In Moody Street you can find a lot of stuff from places to eat like a lot of famous restaurants, bars to hang out, coffee shops. There are a few like that for shopping, groceries, and stuff like that. Now, Moody is where most of the students and most of the community around hangs out but there are also other stuff to do. When you finish what-- with what Moody Street has to offer for you, then there's the Main Street. The Main Street is very close to here and there we find the most-- the basic facilities that we need. For example the bank services, laundry services, or whatever you need. Also, the commuting part when you need because the closest city to here, like at a big city where you have to see some stuff and maybe sometimes for the first time, it's Boston. Boston is amazing especially at the fall time like this because you can see the colors of the natures are quite amazing around here. As you can see, Brandeis has a lot to offer for us, as a campus and as a university but also what you can find around. Personally, I like it here a lot but I'll get to show you more of what's around in our next videos. Thank you.