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The Brandeis IBS Chapter of the Adam Smith Society

Adam Smith Society

The Adam Smith Society at an event in 2015
Adam Smith Society Members with Viola Morse, Molly Hash (Director of Programs, Manhattan Institute) and Professor Daniel Bergstresser


The Adam Smith Society is a community of business school students and alumni dedicated to exploring the links among the economy, government, and society. 

The Brandeis IBS Chapter of the Adam Smith Society is a nationwide association of business students and business leaders who believe that business, entrepreneurship, and commerce are mainsprings that keep a society vibrant, creative and prosperous. The Adam Smith Society is affiliated with and supported by the Manhattan Institute for Policy Research, a think-tank on public policy issues, such as the economy, energy, infrastructure, healthcare, urban life, education, legal system, culture, and many others.

Events and Highlights

Since its formation in early 2013, the Brandeis IBS Chapter has organized guest lectures, networking events, policy discussion forums and has participated in the annual Adam Smith Society conference in New York City. Our events help broaden your network, inspire you to take charge, and make a difference. All students, particularly those in the MBA program, are encouraged to join.

In the 2014-2015 academic year, the Brandeis IBS Chapter was a finalist for the Manhattan Institute of Policy Research's Chapter of the Year Award.