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International Behavioral Economics Association (iBEAF)

International Behavioral Economics and Finance Association (IBEAF)

Our Mission

iBEAF aims to better understand the cognitive reasoning that influences businesses, financial markets and global economic behavior, and thereby prepare its members to excel in the international workforce. 

Our Vision

By combining the expertise in international economics and finance at Brandeis International Business School with concepts from both the Department of Psychology and the Heller School for Social Policy at Brandeis University, the club explores a multi-dimensional understanding of behaviors in economics and finance. With a sustainable foundation in place as behavioral concepts are explored, the club will improve and expand to meet the needs of the student body in both academia and extra-curricular activities.

Meet the Board

Co-President Bios:

Chinmayee Atre
My name is Chinmayee, one of the Co-Presidents of this club. This club had a lot to do with me coming to Brandeis IBS. I am a second year MA student from India. We are irrational decision makers, and it's proven, while Economics is based on rational individuals. I find it fascinating that there is proof and there is so much literature in this field of behavioral economics. It's one of the reasons I joined this club, to explore this topic and I am more than glad to be heading it! Did you know that if you shopped with your debit card, you'd spend much less than what you would with your credit card? Try that experiment on yourself! These are the kind of things you will learn about in this club and I hope we can make you better decision makers through all your interactions here. I am a Chartered Accountant by profession, and have worked with the Ministry of Finance in India on building an country-wide accounting system. At Brandeis IBS, I was fortunate enough to be on the Board of NABE and iBEAF in my first year, and also the editorial team of Cyprea -- the online magazine of NABE. I also went to Cuba on a Hassenfeld Fellowship trip, which was one of my best experiences here. It taught me a lot about the human spirit and how it is above politics. After Brandeis IBS, I want to work in managing country risk in investments.

Alicia Park 
Hey there! I’m Alicia, one of iBEAF’s co-presidents and an undergraduate majoring in Cognitive Science. My background in Neuroscience, Psychology, and Economics has led me to iBEAF at Brandeis IBS. I came to Brandeis with a passion for the systems and behavioral side of neuroscience. A couple of years later, I found myself exploring the intersection between neuroscience and economics. Because of that, I have been able to contribute to iBEAF from a neuroscience/psychology point of view. Before Brandeis, I was born and raised in southern California on the beach. My childhood included sunset swims in the waves, smores in the sand dunes, snowboarding, wind ensemble, and taekwondo. 


Be sure to register for our Behavioral Economics and Finance Class offered here at Brandeis IBS. Also, keep us informed on how we can make your experience at Brandeis more meaningful and successful. We are excited and happy to answer any questions you may have, so please get in touch—the sooner the better!