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Indian Student Society Festivals and Contact Information

Indian Student Society at Brandeis IBS

Indian Student Society 2014-2015

Members of Indian Student Society at Brandeis IBS: 2014-2015

Indian Student Society 2013-2014

Members of Indian Student Society at Brandeis IBS: 2013-2014


The Indian Student Society aims to focus on global events and their impact on the Indian business world, while introducing aspects of Indian culture and business practices to the Brandeis IBS community.

Members delight in the cultural heritage and economy of India, celebrate Indian festivals, and learn about the large emerging market of the country. Students who are interested in doing business successfully in or with India will have a platform for help, guidance and insight. The Indian Student Society gathers students from different backgrounds, cultures and countries to work together.

Events and Highlights

In the 2014-2015 academic year, the Indian Student Society held several festivities to celebrate Diwali, including an Aarti (prayer session), wearing traditional clothing, creating a Rangoli decoration and co-hosting an international potluck with IBSSA.