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LGBT@IBS Networking Events and Community Activities

Brandeis International Business School is a uniquely diverse business school. As students represent countries and cultures from across the world, LGBT@IBS provides a supportive environment and networking platform for students from the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender community and their allies.

The LGBT Community in the US benefits from organized networks that include MBA students, alumni and professionals. Many corporations support LGBT causes and welcome LGBT students and graduates into their communities. We aim to be part of those communities and also have a positive impact on our own community at Brandeis IBS.

Whether you are an LGBT student (out or not), a straight ally, or fall anywhere else on the spectrum, you are welcome to join us by supporting our values, enjoying our events, and helping us build a great community here at Brandeis IBS. 

Club Activities

  • Networking Events
  • Educational Activities 
  • Social Activities 
  • Reaching Out MBA Annual Conference for the LGBT community, including: networking, case competitions and speakers. As an affiliate LGBT club of ROMBA, we participate in the organization’s events and benefit from its nationwide reach.

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