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National Association of Business Economics (NABE)

Brandeis Chapter of NABE

Brandeis NABE Chapter Leadership ran successful events in 2016, including the annual NABE Crisis Game.

NABE with Ben Bernanke

Brandeis IBS NABE Chapter Board with Chairman Ben Bernanke at the 56th Annual NABE Meeting in Chicago, IL.


The Brandeis NABE Chapter is a student chapter of the National Association for Business Economics (NABE). The club is intended for students who are interested in a career in economics or finance, as a macroeconomic vision is integral for both. Since its formation in January 2012, the chapter has organized numerous networking events with top-tier business professionals and academics held in Washington DC, New York City, San Francisco, and here in Boston. In February 2013, the group held the first Crisis Game event, an inter-school competition that challenges students' knowledge of economics, finance and market regulation. The event provides excellent networking opportunities and prizes in the form of internships.

The mission of the Brandeis IBS NABE Chapter is to align students' interest in the field of business economics with useful resources to help them prepare for a strong career. 

Events and Highlights

Key events and activities connected to Brandeis NABE include:

  • NABE Annual Convention
  • International Summit for Careers in Economics
  • Washington, DC Industry Trek
  • The Crisis Game at Brandeis IBS
  • Networking events and guest speaker series with prominent business economists

In the 2015-2016 academic year, the Brandeis NABE chapter hosted the 4th Annual NABE Crisis Game featuring teams from Brandeis IBS, Columbia University, George Washington University and Tufts University. The event featured prominent judges from supranational organizations such as the IMF, St. Louis Fed, and more. The prize for winning team members included a summer internship opportunity from IHS.