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Cypraea Magazine - Nat'l Association of Buiness Economics

Cypraea Magazine - An Online Student Magazine


Cypraea Magazine is a student initiated online magazine. The purpose of this magazine is to provide the opportunity for students to exhibit their work, and to develop their writing and research skills. 

Contributing to the magazine

The Brandeis Chapter of NABE, recognizing the analytic and writing skills of the Brandeis IBS student body, took the initiative to create a forum for all Brandeis IBS students to exhibit their talents. The papers submitted undergo an editorial process by a group of peers before it is published in the magazine. The magazine has a rolling submissions policy, and is currently accepting submissions. Papers can cover any topic within business, economic and finance. Papers need to be academic and have some original content in them. So, if you have done an interesting research paper here at Brandeis IBS, or even before, please share your work with us.

Visit the website to see the work by your fellow students. For more information email

What do you gain from writing for the magazine?

Our online magazine is available to your Brandeis IBS colleagues, professors, and the entire world wide web. Thus, it is an opportunity to showcase your research and writing skills to a large audience. Professional writing and research are important skills in any career, making this a great opportunity to develop your skills.