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Learn About the Brandeis IBS Leadership Fellows

Current Leadership Fellows (2017-2018)

Milos Becarevic, MSF '17 (Serbia)

Milos Becarevic

Career Interests: Finance, business

Personal Interests: Literature, travel, photography

Favorite Brandeis IBS Course: Global Economic Environment

Favorite Place in Massachusetts: Boston's North End

Advice for Incoming Students: Always stay positive!

Le Chang, MSF '17 (China)

Le Chang Career Interests: Transfer pricing, equity research

Personal Interests: Fitness, running, dancing, traveling, cooking

Favorite Brandeis IBS Course: Credit Risk Analysis

Favorite Brandeis IBS Extracurricular: Consulting Club, networking events

Advice for Incoming Students: Try new things, and don't hesitate to ask for help. 

Yihan Fu, MSF '17 (China)

Yihan Fu

Career Interests: Financial and business analysis

Personal Interests: Music, traveling, table tennis, swimming, adventure sports

Favorite Brandeis IBS Course: Managerial Accounting

Favorite Place in Massachusetts: Museum of Fine Arts, Chinatown, Newbury Street

Advice for Incoming Students: Be focused and open-minded. Be brave enough to embrace changes and challenges in your life, and never stop learning or improving yourself. 

Mansi Gulati, MBA '18 (India)

Mansi Gulati

Career Interests: Consulting, compliance and audit

Personal Interests: Reading, blogging

Favorite Brandeis IBS Course: Sustainable Business; Organizational Behavior

Favorite Brandeis IBS Extracurricular: Annual Global Gala

Advice for Incoming Students: Clubs, cultural events and day-to-day connections go a long way in adding to your experience as you prepare for the next phase of your professional journey. Find ways to tap into the many opportunities that exist! 

Uri Kedem, MBA '18 (Israel)

Uri Kedem

Career Interests: Product manager/market researcher at a leading tech company such as Google, Dell or Amazon

Personal Interests: Technology  which I plan to employ as a tool to create a better reality

Favorite Brandeis IBS Course: Competition & Strategy

Favorite Place in Massachusetts: Boston Common, Beacon Hill, Back Bay, Charles River Trail

Advice for Incoming Students: Brandeis IBS is the perfect place for trial and error, so make sure to be active in as many events as possible so that you can stretch your limits and absorb the most out of each experience. 

Kim Newin, MBA '18 (United States)

Kim Newin

Career Interests: Marketing (consumer and home goods)

Personal Interests: Traveling, hiking, yoga, dogs, family

Favorite Brandeis IBS Course: Global Dexterity

Favorite Place in Massachusetts: Cat Rock Park in Weston is a great place to take a walk in the woods to exercise and clear your head

Advice for Incoming Students: It is ok to admit that you are not good at something, be it a course subject, sport, or cultural norm such as small talk. By facing the issue and letting others in to help, you get stronger and build friendships to last a lifetime. 

Sai Praneeth, MBA '18 (India)

Sai Praneeth

Career Interests: Startups, entrepreneurship, making a difference

Personal Interests: Soccer, photography, cars

Favorite Brandeis IBS Course: Operations Management

Favorite Brandeis IBS Extracurricular: 3 Day Start-Up Challenge

Advice for Incoming Students: When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. 

Visruthi Sharma, MA '18 (India)

Visruthi Sharma

Career Interests: Investment banking (M&A), private equity

Personal Interests: Piano, classical music and jazz, knitting, Disney movies

Favorite Brandeis IBS Course: Business in Global Markets; Applied International Macroeconomics

Favorite Brandeis IBS Extracurricular: Private Equity and Venture Capital Club

Advice for Incoming Students: You're only going to be a student for a short time. Experience everything, immerse yourself in all that is going on and you'll find yourself to be a stronger and more well-rounded individual. 

Ying Yao, MBA '18 (China)

Ying Yao

Career Interests: Marketing, business analytics

Personal Interests: Working out, swimming, reading

Favorite Brandeis IBS Course: Corporate Finance

Favorite Place in Massachusetts: Framingham

Advice for Incoming Students: Step out of your comfort zone. Take chances to explore your potential. 

Chuanchuan Zhang, MA '18 (China)

Chuanchuan Zhang

Career Interests: Consulting, venture capital, business development

Personal Interests: Industrial design, movies, food, electronics

Favorite Brandeis IBS Course: Private Equity

Favorite Brandeis IBS Extracurricular: Private Equity and Venture Capital Club

Advice for Incoming Students: Be prepared and be open minded. 

Yiqun Zhang, MSF '17 (China)

Yiqun Zhang

Career Interests: Quantitative analysis

Personal Interests: Data analysis

Favorite Brandeis IBS Course: Advanced Econometrics

Favorite Place in Massachusetts: Institute of Contemporary Art

Advice for Incoming Students: Be true to yourself and experience as much as possible. 

Xitong Zhou, MA '18 (China)

Xitong Zhou

Career Interests: Venture capital investments in entertainment industry

Personal Interests: Yoga, travel, e-games

Favorite Brandeis IBS Course: Business in Global Markets

Favorite Brandeis IBS Extracurricular: Alumni Speaker Series, Career Treks

Advice for Incoming Students: Be bold to explore and fully live your life.