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Learn About the Brandeis IBS Leadership Fellows

Current Leadership Fellows

Bossomakou Francois Brou, MSF ‘18 (Cote D'Ivoire)

bossomakou-brouCareer Interests: Investment banking, small business lending

Personal Interests: Soccer, Finance, Basketball

Favorite Brandeis IBS Course: Corporate Financial Modeling

Favorite Place in Massachusetts: The mythical TD Garden, home of the Boston Celtics

Advice for Incoming Students: Your time at IBS must be both a learning and discovering experience. Buckle up and get ready to work hard, but do not forget to equally play harder.

Wanmei (May) Ding, MSF '18 (China)

wanmei-dingCareer Interests: Investment, asset management, transaction advisory and investment banking

Personal Interests: Music, detective stories, traveling and badminton

Favorite Brandeis IBS Course: Corporate Financial Modeling

Favorite Place in Massachusetts: Boston Harbor Cruise

Advice for Incoming Students: Be confident and active. Be yourself. Then, life will hug you.

Sheng Chen, MSF ‘18 (China)

sheng-chenCareer Interests: Asset management Transfer Pricing

Personal Interests: Ceramics, Painting, Travel, Legos!

Favorite Brandeis IBS Course: Intermediate Accounting

Favorite Place in Massachusetts: Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum Seaport

Advice for Incoming Students: There will be a lot of things happening throughout the semester, learn to prioritize what you value the most, balance your time and carpe diem!

Rui (Simon) Ge, MSF ‘18 (China)

simon-geCareer Interests: Consulting

Personal Interests: Playing basketball, traveling, movie editing, and teaching

Favorite Brandeis IBS Course: Financial Modeling

Favorite Place in Massachusetts: Boston Common

Advice for Incoming Students: Be proud of who you are and where you come from

Seongsin (Sunny) Hong, MBA ‘18 (South Korea)

sunny-hongCareer Interests: Aspire to serve the global business market with value creation strategies and global leadership skills

Personal Interests: Travel, history, music, art and museums

Favorite Brandeis IBS Course: Marketing management

Favorite Place in Massachusetts: New England Aquarium (Lots of penguins!)

Advice for Incoming Students: Everything is going to be okay. (Welcome to IBS!)

Jonathan Kabeya, MSF ‘18 (France)

jonathan-kabeyaCareer Interests: Asset management, Investment banking

Personal Interests: Basketball, reading, travel

Favorite Brandeis IBS Course: Investment

Favorite Place in Massachusetts: TD Garden

Advice for Incoming Students: Enjoy life in school as much as life outside of school. Be open to everyone because the world is small and you might need to connect with your fellow students even after the end of your program.

Akash Kalra, MBA ‘19 (India)

akash-kalraCareer Interests: Transfer Pricing and Economic Consulting

Personal Interests: Hiking, trying my hand at sports [well, at times foot too ;)], admiring Roger Federer's brilliance, and telling knock knock jokes!

Favorite Brandeis IBS Course: Transfer Pricing Theory and Practice

Favorite Place in Massachusetts: Harvard Square

Advice for Incoming Students: Be prepared to experience lots of new things! You will be overwhelmed with the number of things that are happening on campus and your new social life! It's going to be a really exciting time for you all. We can't wait to have you on board.

Siqi Liu, PhD Intl Economics & Finance ‘20 (United States)


Career Interests: Academia

Personal Interests: Strength sports: powerlifting, strongman, Olympic lifting

Favorite Brandeis IBS Course: Advanced Microeconometrics

Favorite Place in Massachusetts: Charles St., Malden

Advice for Incoming Students: Don't study too hard

Xiyu (Anneliese) Luo, MSF ‘18 (China)

anneliese-luoCareer Interests: Asset/Portfolio management

Personal Interests: Piano, Painting, Volleyball, Hiking, Cooking, Watching Japanese animations

Favorite Brandeis IBS Course: Accounting

Favorite Place in Massachusetts: Museum of Fine Arts

Advice for Incoming Students: Think big, prepare ahead and act fast.

Sabena Mathews, MSF ‘18 (India)

sabena-mathewsCareer Interests: Making financial decisions for commercial/fashion houses.

Personal Interests: Dog Lover, Traveling, Fashion, Music, Economics, Dancing

Favorite Brandeis IBS Course: Investments

Favorite Place in Massachusetts: Charles Riverbank

Advice for Incoming Students: Be you because nobody else can do that best!

Yawai Soe, MBA ‘19 (Myanmar)

yawai-soeCareer Interests: Consulting, Business Development, Healthcare.

Personal Interests: Traveling, Food, Hiking, Fundraising, Cultural/Diversity Events.

Favorite Brandeis IBS Course: Marketing

Favorite Place in Massachusetts: North End

Advice for Incoming Students: Be open to try new things at Brandeis and in Boston. Brandeis offers so many different activities and clubs you can get involved in. Boston is a great place to explore because of its history and cultural diversity.

Indira Sunkara, MSF ‘18 (India)

indira-sunkaraCareer Interests: Private Equity, Venture Capital

Personal Interests: Any form of the Performing Arts

Favorite Brandeis IBS Course: Advanced Corporate Finance Theory

Favorite Place in Massachusetts: Downtown Boston

Advice for Incoming Students: CARPE DIEM! Embrace life at IBS and leave your mark in our community!

Samuel Suri, MSF ‘18 (Slovakia)

samuel-suriCareer Interests: Real Estate, Private Equity

Personal Interests: Electronic Music, Weightlifting, Learning Languages

Favorite Brandeis IBS Course: Private Equity

Favorite Place in Massachusetts: The local rivers

Advice for Incoming Students: Make friends with the IBS Faculty and Staff!

Minhao Yin, MBA ‘19 (China)

minhao-yinCareer Interests: After working with the best finance company in China for five years, I desire more challenges and to become a productive member of the finance industry.

Personal Interests: Traveling, cooking different gourmet foods for family and friends

Favorite Brandeis IBS Course: Management Communication

Favorite Place in Massachusetts: Quincy Market

Advice for Incoming Students: Keep calm, keep optimistic, keep working hard.

Siqi Zhang, MA ‘19 (China)

siqi-zhangCareer Interests: Investment Banking

Personal Interests: Travelling, swimming, reading

Favorite Brandeis IBS Course: Applied Econometrics

Favorite Place in Massachusetts: Quincy Market

Advice for Incoming Students: Manage your time wisely

Senior Leadership Fellows

Mansi Gulati, MBA '18 (India)

mansi-gulatiCareer Interests: Consulting, compliance and audit

Personal Interests: Reading, blogging

Favorite Brandeis IBS Course: Sustainable Business; Organizational Behavior

Favorite Brandeis IBS Extracurricular: Annual Global Gala

Advice for Incoming Students: Clubs, cultural events and day-to-day connections go a long way in adding to your experience as you prepare for the next phase of your professional journey. Find ways to tap into the many opportunities that exist!

Uri Kedem, MBA '18 (Israel)

uri-kedemCareer Interests: Product manager/market researcher at a leading tech company such as Google, Dell or Amazon

Personal Interests: Technology — which I plan to employ as a tool to create a better reality

Favorite Brandeis IBS Course: Competition & Strategy

Favorite Place in Massachusetts: Boston Common, Beacon Hill, Back Bay, Charles River Trail

Advice for Incoming Students: Brandeis IBS is the perfect place for trial and error, so make sure to be active in as many events as possible so that you can stretch your limits and absorb the most out of each experience.

Sai Praneeth, MBA '18 (India)

sai-praneethCareer Interests: Startups, entrepreneurship, making a difference

Personal Interests: Soccer, photography, cars

Favorite Brandeis IBS Course: Operations Management

Favorite Brandeis IBS Extracurricular: 3 Day Start-Up Challenge

Advice for Incoming Students: When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.

Visruthi Sharma, MA '18 (India)

visruthi-sharmaCareer Interests: Investment banking (M&A), private equity

Personal Interests: Piano, classical music and jazz, knitting, Disney movies

Favorite Brandeis IBS Course: Business in Global Markets; Applied International Macroeconomics

Favorite Brandeis IBS Extracurricular: Private Equity and Venture Capital Club

Advice for Incoming Students: You're only going to be a student for a short time. Experience everything, immerse yourself in all that is going on and you'll find yourself to be a stronger and more well-rounded individual.