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Student Leadership Fellow Profile: Yu Fang, MA '16

Make a point to actively talk to people in our diverse community

Yu Fang, MA '16
Anqing, China

Undergraduate Institution: Fudan University

Career Interests: Consulting, Market Research

Internship/Past Job: Bain & Company

Personal Interests: Belly dancing, zumba, cooking, traveling, volleyball

Favorite Brandeis IBS Courses: Financial Modeling

Best Extracurricular Activity for my Career: Consulting Club

Favorite Places in Boston/Waltham: MIT

Best Advice for 1st Years: One thing I value a lot at Brandeis IBS is its diverse people. Students at Brandeis IBS are from more than 60 countries around the world, so you get to learn a lot about various cultures. I encourage you to actively talk to people in our community, make friends, and try foods from different countries!