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Career Strategies Center Education and Resources

The Career Strategies Center offers educational tools and a variety of resources to support Brandeis IBS students in their career development. Students who take advantage of these resources develop the ability to conduct an effective and efficient job search and learn to utilize career-planning skills that aid them throughout their career.

All students are offered the opportunity to attend career education workshops, participate in individual counseling, meet with our Executives-in-Residence, work with alumni mentors, and utilize job search resources such as MBAFocus and Glassdoor. 

Students who work with the Career Strategies Center learn how to pursue, target, and prepare for job opportunities across the globe, enabling them to become World Ready. 

Individual Counseling  

All students are invited to meet with a Career Strategies team member when they first arrive at Brandeis IBS. Individualized guidance provided by a seasoned team of career professionals allows students to develop a career strategy tailored to fit their professional goals and personal interests. 


We host a variety of workshops that supplement a student's job search by building on skills such as:

  • Effective networking
  • Interviewing with confidence
  • Dining etiquette
  • Tackling industry-specific interview questions
  • Developing stories to demonstrate skills and experience
  • Conducting industry and company research
  • Communicating with alumni
  • Negotiating salary

Executives-in-Residence Program  

Our Executives-in-Residence program offers students the opportunity to meet with successful industry professionals with storied careers in their fields. These executives volunteer their time to conduct mock interviews, give strategic advice, and answer tactical job search questions.

Preparing Your Resume  

We provide a number of different templates and resume writing-tools to help students create effective, professional, and compelling job-search documents. Our team works with students individually to customize these documents for a myriad of job opportunities. 

Coursework: Launching Your Global Career  

We offer a career-based course called “Launching Your Global Career" each academic year. The goal of this course is to provide a foundation and set of professional skills that prove useful throughout your career.  

Alumni Connections  

Our alumni are active participants in the Career Strategies Center. Whether it's on campus to participate in career panels and mock interviewing, in the classroom to share insight as a guest speaker, on the phone to provide mentor support, or at work to build connections for internships and full-time job opportunities - our alumni engage with students to support and contribute to their career development.