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Career Strategies Center and Resources at Brandeis IBS


Our Career Strategies Center takes a personal approach to your career, offering customized planning to help you achieve your goals - whether that is serving in a leading public institution, starting your own organization, joining a leading global company, or working in a major financial service firm.

From the moment you arrive on campus, we begin working with you to assess your skills and experiences.

Our team includes full-time staff, Executives-in-Residence, and faculty members who collectively provide career counseling and job and internship search support to students.


Our 2016 graduates found success in a number of high-demand fields across the globe. Brandeis IBS alumni serve and lead in our network of public- and private-sector organizations worldwide, including those below:

  • Banking & Finance: Bank of America, Fidelity Investments, JP Morgan Chase, State Street Corporation
  • Consulting & Professional Services: Bain & Company, IHS Global Insight, McKinsey & Company, PricewaterhouseCoopers
  • Corporate & Technology: Apple, EMC, Google, IBM, Lufthansa
  • Government & Nonprofit: African Development Bank, U.S. Federal Reserve, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, International Monetary Fund (IMF)


Personalized career planning, education, and resources enable students at Brandeis IBS to:

  • Share strengths, interests, and priorities relative to their career goals
  • Understand job tracks and their relationship to courses taught at Brandeis IBS
  • Identify career opportunities in their field of interest
  • Create powerful marketing materials (resumes, cover letters, LinkedIn profiles)
  • Understand and implement the power of networking
  • Speak persuasively in interviews and situations of self-promotion
  • Utilize multiple job-search platforms, such as MBAFocus and Glassdoor
  • Attend career fairs and company visits on- and off-campus with companies such as Citibank, National Grid, State Street, Analysis Group, Goldman Sachs, EMC and Fidelity
  • Apply for internship opportunities and awards
  • Access job skill and aptitude assessments - including the Bloomberg Aptitude Test (BAT), which connects students to more than 25,000 recruiters worldwide


Our graduate programs with new STEM designations acknowledge our rigorous quantitative curriculum and offer international students additional practical training in the U.S. after graduation. Learn more.