Certificate in Open Source Technology Management (OSTM)

Skill up in the unique methods and culture of open source software with online micro-courses, badges and certificates.

Around the globe, organizations increasingly use open source software (OSS) as a pathway to foster innovation and increase efficiency. The movement is creating a strong demand for talent who understands open source policies, programs and values and can ensure an organization's OSS investments produce the desired benefits.

Brandeis University's OSTM micro-courses equip you with the knowledge to skill up in these unique methods. You can complete each micro-course, which could include attending a virtual lecture or learning through action by working with teams on an extended project, in approximately five to seven hours per week.

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Complete all six micro-courses to earn a certificate in Open Source Technology Management, or complete on of the two-course sequences to earn a badge. As a part of the program, you will:

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Meet Our Featured Faculty

Our Open Source Technology Management faculty understand the nuances and challenges of the industry today. They are leaders in their fields and, because they also work full-time outside of Brandeis, bring real-world experiences and connections to their classrooms.

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Meet Jim Hall

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Meet Jacob Redding