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    OSTM micro-course

    Cultivate an Open Source Community

    The relationships between Open Source Software projects, community-based production, and open source licenses are critical to those managing technology portfolios. In this micro-course, students will learn about the various roles in communities of practice that support Open Source Software development, adoption, and maintenance. Students will assess the characteristics, viability, and appropriateness of the community; how to participate in the community; and the implications of starting new (e.g., “forking”) communities.

     By the end of this micro-course, students will be able to:

    1. Describe the changing role and value of “community” in Open Source Software production.

    2. Articulate why members join open source communities, how they align to the community mission, and how they are expected to work within the community.

    3. Compare how different collaboration tools influence the way open source community members achieve their goals.

    4. Define management strategies and a team structure for an open source community to support its health and sustainability. 

    Visit the Open Source Technology Management program webpage to learn about other program offerings.

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