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RCOM 102

Professional Communications

This course prepares professionals with communication skills necessary for success in their fields. The course addresses interpersonal, small group and public communication, and involves extensive practice writing and speaking on a variety of informative and persuasive topics.

At the end of the course, students will be able to:

Develop verbal and nonverbal communication styles by applying verbal and nonverbal skills in various speaking situations; videotaping and viewing one's performance; critiquing one's style; and receiving diagnostic evaluations.

Use techniques, such as cognitive restructuring, to reduce speaker apprehension.

Increase effectiveness in informative and persuasive message development using audience analysis, principles of organization, principles of Aristotle's rhetoric, language devices, and supporting material (examples, narratives, testimony, and facts and statistics).

Write with clarity, brevity and vigor.

Strengthen self-awareness, assertiveness skills and listening skills to improve interpersonal, small group and public communication.

Analyze best practices for running an effective meeting.

Critically evaluate messages in terms of various criteria for effectiveness.

Course Requirements:

Blackboard Collaborate software will be provided to all students at no cost, for use in group work and recording of speech assignments.

WebCam and microphone are required for this course. Using the WebCam and microphone installed on your computer is acceptable. They are also available at major retail outlets, in the $20-$30 range.

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