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RIAS 101

Foundations of Information Security

Foundations of Information Security provides an understanding of the fundamental elements and technology “building blocks” of information assurance and computer security. The objective of the course is to provide coverage from the ground up on applied security concepts and technologies related to IT infrastructures, along with the attacks, threats and vulnerabilities currently faced by organizations. This course will expose students to fundamental security technologies and concepts in the areas of access control, cryptography, telecommunications and network security, application development security, and physical (environmental) security. This course provides the foundation for the remaining courses in the Information Security program.
At the end of the course, students will be able to:
• Identify IT security requirements and categorize IT security attacks, threats and vulnerabilities.
• Explain the fundamentals of access control principles and models, and differentiate among common authentication methods, such as passwords, tokens and biometrics.
• Analyze the fundamental elements and role of encryption processes in information assurance, and illustrate an example scenario where encryption processes are applied.
• Identify the threats and vulnerabilities related to IT networks, and explain the concepts of managing and defending network attacks.
• Identify the common software-related threats and vulnerabilities, and describe the best practices and methodologies for software assurance.
• Describe the common physical access control threats and vulnerabilities, and explain how to control access to the physical resources of an organization.

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