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RMGT 180

Crisis Response and Business Continuity Management

Crisis and contingency management are essential practice areas for technology leaders. Organizations have many moving parts and rely on many facets including people, processes, and technology to achieve their goals. Regardless of the perceived level of preparedness, a crisis or contingency event will affect the whole organization and that organization’s customers. How a technology leader approaches the planning, practice, and execution of crisis and contingency management may determine how quickly and completely an organization weathers such an event and can even set that organization ahead of its competition.
At the end of the course, students will be able to:
• Apply risk management techniques, including assessment methodologies and impact assessments, to organizational risks and threats.
• Develop approaches to human, information, systems, infrastructure, and third party events for crisis, contingency, and disaster response management through the development and implementation of crisis and contingency management plans.
• Implement communication methods to integrate technology management and operations into enterprise crisis and contingency operations.
• Utilize mature approaches to communicate with key stakeholders before events, when stakeholders are impacted or potentially impacted, and during enterprise events.
• Develop approaches to simulate, practice, and refine exercises to improve the enterprise and third party response to crisis and contingency events.

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