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RDMD 160

Ethics in Digital Design and Marketing

This course presents ethical dilemmas in digital marketing and works through the implications of various actions, such as tricking search engines (typically called “black hat” techniques), posing as customers in social media, making false or exaggerated claims, and using questionable or sneaky channels (e.g. popups and plugins). In this course, we will explore several issues or concepts in depth, first introducing the facets and aspects of the topic, then utilizing that knowledge to develop our principles and values through dialogue and the examination of multiple perspectives.
Upon completion of this course, students will be able to:
• Recognize the fundamental concepts of business ethics and apply them to digital marketing practices
• Identify practices in online privacy and information collection, handling, and sharing that could be of ethical concern as well as predict the risks and impacts of their application
• Explain current digital marketing best practices, contrast them with ‘black hat’ techniques, practices, and policies, and identify their differences and how they enable organizations to conduct business in ethical or unethical ways
• Recognize and analyze ethical dilemmas and develop conflict resolution and risk mitigation strategies as they relate to digital marketing; assess and address policy and ethical concerns as they relate to digital marketing
• Develop a set of principles, values, and practices as guidance in the workplace should ethical dilemmas arise; employ tolerance and consideration of multiple perspectives; recognize when ethical dilemmas do not necessarily follow available guidelines, rules, policies, or procedures and be able to acknowledge ambiguity
• Analyze and evaluate recent ethical marketing dilemmas and identify the options and choices made by stakeholders throughout the process
• Apply ethical thinking to digital marketing strategies, tactics, and outcomes and demonstrate a foundation in one’s attainment of ethical judgement, analysis skills, principles, values, and practices

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