Adjunct Faculty: Open Source Business Practices

Brandeis University's Graduate Professional Studies (GPS) is looking for an industry expert in the Open Source Software community to design and teach in our new Open Source Technology Management (OSTM) suite of course offerings. Brandeis University is consistently ranked among the nation’s top universities, and our online courses are developed using best practices in online learning. 

About the Course

RMGT 290b: Open Source Business Practices

Reports indicate Open Source Software now accounts for between 78% (2015) and 98% (2017) of all core digital infrastructure, yet few organizational managers understand the business of Open Source Software – how it is produced, the opportunities it provides, its vulnerabilities, and how to effectively engage with open source communities of practice. The Business of Open Source introduces students to industry practices and cultures that promote the production of business-ready, cost effective software, delivering quicker innovation, reduced time to market, freedom from lock-in, enhanced reliability, lower total cost of ownership, and a host of other benefits. The course is designed to help organizational managers and technical professionals make informed decisions about Open Source Software, the communities of practice that enable it and the organizations that rely on it, which is practically every organization.

This course prepares students to successfully deploy Open Source Software, and effectively engage in open source production. Students will learn about Open Source Business Practices, and understand the issues around open source development in a business setting. Students will be challenged to assess traditional organizational practice and measure their capacity to manage reform, in light of the differences presented by open source. This may require rethinking business models, procurement methods, project management methodologies, staffing, risk assessment, and commercialization.

Qualified candidates will have Subject Matter Qualifications in the following areas:

About the Open Source Technology Management Series

The Open Source Technology Management series prepares students to successfully leverage Open Source Software to advance business objectives, while authentically and successfully  participating in open source communities of practice, and even advancing their own professional profiles and careers. Courses are student-centered, designed around problem-based learning enabling students to develop a critical understanding of open source principles and practices, such as collaborative development methods and models, communication styles and platforms, community assessment and engagement, intellectual property management, and organizational/operational practices. Real-world problems encountered in industry practice are presented as case studies to provoke critical analysis, foster discussion, and explore resolutions.

About GPS Faculty

GPS Faculty instructors are active practitioners in the industries that align with our programs and have the professional expertise to bring to course discussions and threads. Instructors are part time and work fully online, with no requirement to appear on campus. Our faculty have earned at least a master's degree with many holding terminal academic degrees and industry-specific credentials. Previous experience teaching online is not required; GPS offers a comprehensive  training program for qualified applicants.