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Open Source Technology Management

Skill up in the unique methods and culture of open source software with online micro-courses, badges and certificates


As more organizations start leveraging open source software to foster innovation and efficiencies, employers need talent well-versed in the dedicated policies and programs required to ensure that the investments in open source projects produce the desired benefits while still aligning with the values of the open source communities.  

Register here for Integrating Open Source Communities in Corporate Environments

The micro-course starts on May 17, 2021. Registration is open through May 10, 2021. The cost is $499 per micro-course. 

Participants can anticipate a total of 5-7 hours per week. One hour of that estimate is the weekly lecture, which is virtual. Participants then will work within their teams on the course-long project. The time will vary by group, but participants can expect to spend at least one hour per week working on it.

Learn more about the following offerings (PDF):

The online Open Source program at Brandeis is dedicated to enhancing and supporting the OSS community through content that is founded in the principles of software freedom and collaborate development.

OSI Logo » Connect and build community with leading open source experts from around the world.

»  Access quality online course content endorsed by the Open Source Initiative.

»  Give back through the networks you create and advance open source communities within your organization and beyond.

You will experience a program that is shaped by input from leading open source industry experts. Meet the advisory board members who are instrumental in influencing and shaping the curriculum of this program.


Each four-week micro-course is led by high-profile OSS community leaders and includes case studies and project work. Students build virtual teams to design and propose solutions to real-world OSS problems. Micro-courses include*:

*Course titles subject to change

Digital badges

Complete two micro-courses in a given topic area to earn a digital badge*:

The Business of Open Source
  • Open Source Business Practices
  • Establish an Open Source Program Office
Open Source Community Development
  • Cultivate an Open Source Community 
  • Integrating Open Source Communities in Corporate Environments
Open Source Development Fundamentals
  • Open Source Workflow and Infrastructure 
  • Production of Distributed Open Source Software 
*At no additional cost

Certificate program

Complete all six micro-courses to earn a certificate in Open Source Technology Management*. 

*At no additional cost

Graduate-level credit options

Earn three graduate-level credits per topic area by completing an assignment at the conclusion of two micro-courses. Each three-credit bundle is equal to an elective course within Brandeis GPS. Please visit our assessment for credit page to learn more.

*Each assessment for credit is $990. OSI members receive a 15% discount. 

Questions? Contact Andie D'Agostino, Assistant Director of Partnership Engagement at adagostino@brandeis.edu 

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