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    OSTM micro-course

    Integrating Open Source Communities in Corporate Environments

    Any manager responsible for decisions about the adoption, production, or participation in open source software will benefit greatly by understanding open source communities of practice. The relationships between corporations and the community-based production in open source software projects is often misunderstood, limiting the realization of the full value that communities can have in corporate contexts. Many large corporations have figured out how to leverage open source communities for their benefit and invest heavily in them, creating new opportunities for individuals and corporations involved in these communities. 

    This course enables you to realize the value propositions of open source communities in a corporate context and communicate that value effectively. You will build your argumentative skills for discussing with internal stakeholders whether open sourcing intellectual property is the appropriate business decision; reflect on how to select resources that a corporation can deploy for building a successful and healthy open source community; differentiate between organizational and communal interests and how to balance them as organizational members engage in open source communities; and measure ROI of community engagement to demonstrate the value open source software community engagement provides to the organization. The assignments are designed to build your repertoire of arguments to advise and convince your team and your management.

    By the end of the micro-course, students will be able to:

    1. Describe the role and value of "community" in Corporate Open Source Software production. 

    2. Identify corporate influence in open source communities.

    3. Articulate different business strategies for getting value from open source communities.

    4. Assess the relative strengths and weaknesses of an Open Source Software community.

    5. Identify the different roles and related management structures within organizations that may contribute to Open Source Software production. 

    Visit the Open Source Technology Management program webpage to learn about other program offerings.

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