Provost Dissertation Awards

Category Explanation
Grantor Office of the Provost
Nature of grant To cover certain dissertation-related expenses
Eligibility Doctoral students who are finished with their coursework
Award Typically no more than $1000.00
Acceptable reimbursable expenses
  • Research-related expenses (texts, compensation for survey responses, transcriptions, etc.).
  • Archive/library (digital or in-person) access fees.
  • Travel and lodging
  • Consulting or other research related costs
Deadline January 28th, 2022
How to apply Complete the online application form, embedded below.
  • The application should include (these documents must be completed before submitting the application):
    • A cover letter that outlines the purpose and significance of their study with budget justifications and a strong statement on why this grant would be helpful
    • A detailed budget broken into categories of expense
    • A timeline for completing the work
    • What stage they are in their doctoral work
  • Submit a letter of recommendation from your dissertation chair. Note: Ask your chair to write a letter and send directly to Jessica Basile, assistant dean, Office of Graduate Affairs.
More information Jessica Basile, assistant dean, Office of Graduate Affairs

Application Form

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