Ride For Food Fundraiser

Ride for Food Fundraiser Image

The Brandeis Food Pantry is teaming up with Three Squares New England to participate in their 10th annual Ride for Food event and Off the Beaten Path, fundraiser events to fight against food insecurity in New England. Our goal is to engage our community members in a fun, active event and raise money for the efforts at Brandeis University to provide more access to healthier food options, personal hygiene items, and other additional resources such as donated clothing.

This year, participants will have the option to register for the virtual "Off the Beaten Path" event - a flexible ‘ride/run/walk/swim or any activity on your own’ -OR- the traditional Ride for Food one-day event on October 3rd. You can choose to complete one of our endorsed virtual activities wherever and whenever you like. This means that you can spin, bike, walk, or run on a stationary machine or outside. You go at your pace on whichever day or route or choose the distance to your liking.

We are inviting you to join us by registering & riding independently, effectively launching a fundraiser for us, or donate to our fundraising page. There is a special complimentary rate for students (see below). Registration fees are as follows:
$25 Registration for ‘Off The Beaten Path’ (virtual, anytime, anywhere, any activity)
$50 Registration fee for Ride for Food (in-person Oct. 3rd)
$0 Registration fee (student rate - use promo code 'FRESH21' on registration page)

Invite your friends, and share/post creative fun ideas as our team member. Either way, you are helping to support our mission to reduce food insecurity among Brandeis students and improving access to food resources in our community!

You can bike, spin, run, walk or hike anytime between the date you registered until the day we close fundraising, November 30th. We encourage you to take a selfie or a short video and share it on your page and with your friends #RideforFood2021 #OfftheBeatenPath #WhyIRide

Please view our FAQ and to address any questions you may have. If you have any specific questions, please reach out to us at foodpantry@brandeis.edu

Thank you for your support!

 - The Brandeis Food Pantry