Working Papers Series

The HBI Project on Families, Children, and the Holocaust at Brandeis University is launching a new, online working paper series.  This working paper series intends to be interdisciplinary and international, designed for advanced Ph.D. students, junior faculty, and independent scholars, as well as senior faculty.  Our mission is to create an online forum to promote vigorous intellectual discussion and exchanges among academics working in any area of this growing field of research, and to give young and independent scholars an opportunity to publish their work.

Current papers in series:

"Memory Imprints: Testimonies as Historical Sources," (pdf) Rita Horváth

"Polish Acculturation, Jewish Nationalism? On Political Consciousness of the Jewish Youth in Interwar Poland," (pdf) Kamil Kijek

"Resurrecting the Dead in Anne Michaels’s Fugitive Pieces," (pdf) Elizabeth Kollman, University of Zurich

"Intergenerational Encounters in the Wake of Shoah and the Ethics behind a Child Survivor’s “Terrified Smile” in Elie Wiesel’s A Mad Desire to Dance," (pdf) Dana Mihăilescu, University of Bucharest

"Chim's Children," (pdf) Carole Naggar

"Intergenerational Transmission of Trauma:  How the Holocaust Transmits and Affects Child Development," (pdf) Michael Sapiro, JFK University

"Stopping the spread of moral savagery – child relief efforts in the Kraków ghetto," (pdf) Joanna Sliwa, Clark University

"On the Persistence of Moral Judgment: Local Perpetrators in Transnistria as Seen by Bystanders," (pdf) Vladimir Solonari, University of Central Florida

"The Katz Family’s Escape: Leaving Vienna after the Anschluss," (pdf) Melissa Jane Taylor, US Department of State

"War’s Displaced Geographies: Child Refugees and the “Life After” in New Zealand," (pdf) Monica Tempian, Simone Gigliotti

Submission information

Papers may address any aspects of the history of families, children, and childhood before, during and after the Holocaust, including analysis of artistic and literary representations, and comparative historical, psychological and sociological studies.

Papers must be published in English and should be between 10 and 35 pages in length. All papers should include bibliographical apparatus: footnotes or endnotes. The style should be consistent throughout the paper. The papers should be accompanied by a short bio of the author.

Submission should include:
1. Author's full name and the article's title in English.
2. The manuscript of the article/essay in Microsoft Word format with the bibliographical apparatus.
3. A 200-300 word bio of the author in Microsoft Word format, stating academic affiliation, degree, area of academic interest or specialization, and email address.

All submissions are subject to a review process. The author of an accepted paper retains the copyright. Each of the published papers will include the following statement: "Work in Progress: Copyright. Please do not cite without the author's consent.”  All submissions should be sent to: