The Words To Say It; The Ways To Do It: How definitions of feminism, Zionism and antisemitism impact identities and activism

Undergraduate Project

Project Information

Janet Freedman, Resident Scholar at the Women’s Studies Research Center at Brandeis University, and Professor Emerita and former Director of Women’s Studies at the University of Massachusetts in Dartmouth is investigating how language is used to define and direct debates. Why have some words become so loaded that people and organizations that traditionally have an open-minded perspective shun certain terms or use them in ways that simplify complex issues and polarize discussions? During summer 2020, Dr. Freedman will examine the terms ffeminism, Zionism, and antisemitism, and the relationship of these terms/concepts to one another. Together with the selected intern, she plans to explore how changes in the understanding of these terms impact identification and activism. 

Dr. Freedman is looking for an intern who will carry out a literature review of both traditional and online sources, as well as brainstorm with her on the direction of the project.  The intern will carry out internet and library research for approximately 60% of the time. The remaining 40% of the time they will spend reviewing and assessing the websites, blogs, articles and other discovered materials with Dr. Freedman.

Profile of Appropriate Candidate